Bammy awards

2013 Bammy Awards RSVP

Welcome to the RSVP list for Academy members, presenters  honorees and BAM 100 members.

We are pleased to invite you to  attend the 2013 Bammy Awards to be held at the Arena Stage in Washington DC on September 21st starting at 7:00 pm.

We already have more  requests  to attend the Bammy Awards than we can accommodate.  So this  year, managing RSVPs is going to be critical.

Blocks of seats have been reserved for Academy members, nominees, honorees, sponsors and the public. Once seats have been filled in each block, a waiting list is set up.

Below is link to the RSVP system.  If you plan on attending you will want to RSVP immediately to ensure that you will have a seat.  As many people need to make advance travel arrangements we will be releasing uncommitted seats to waiting list as early as practical.  So Again please RSVP immediately if you plan  to attend.