Bammy awards

The Categories and Awards

Category Definitions for 2011 - 2012

The Bammy Awards currently accepts nominations in 31 categories across the field of education.  People, programs and organizations may be nominated for multiple categories where appropriate.  Winners will receive an award for each category in which they were nominated and won. There are two awards for each category. The Bammy Awards are presented by the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences and the Educator's Voice Awards are determined by the online education community and presented by the Academy.

Below is a complete alphabetical list of the categories for 2011-2012:

1. Afterschool Programs

2. Afterschool Program Directors

3. Child Care Center Director

4. Child Care Center Staff

5. Education Commentators/Bloggers

6. Education Policy/Researchers

7. Education Reporters

8. Education School Professors

9. Education Support Staff

10. Elementary School Teachers

11.Elementary School Principals

12. Family Care Providers

13. Head Start Center Directors

14. Head Start Staff Members

15. Innovator of The Year

16. Maintenance Managers

17. Maintenance Staff Member

18. Middle School Principals

19. Middle School Teachers

20. Physical Education Teachers

21. Preschool Directors

22. Preschool Teachers

23. PTA/PTO Leaders

24. School Board Member

25. School Business Official

26. School Nurses

27. School Technology Staff/IT

28. Secondary School Principals

29. Secondary School Teachers

30. Special Needs Staff

31. Superintendents