Bammy awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the countdown clock mean?

The Bammy Awards process involves a number of stages from the call for nominations, through voting, identifying finalists and presenting the awards. We are now counting down the nomination and public voting period that ends April 30, 2012. The Educator's Voice Awards winners will be announced in June. The Bammy Awards will be presented at the fall event. The clock will indicate the days remaining in each phase as we work our way up to the awards presentation.

How many entrants win Bammy Awards?

An award is presented for each of the 31 categories. Out of the nominees in each category, one (1) winner will be selected and will win the Bammy Award in that specific category. Additionally, the online education community, through online voting will select a winner from the nominees in each category to receive the Educators's Voice Award.

Note: The Academy reserves the right to eliminate any category that receives fewer than 50 nominees for the awards period. 

Why isn't there a category for my education specialty?

The intention is to ultimately cover every discipline and category across the education field. The 31 categories in 2012 is just the starting point for our first year. In 1959 the Grammy Awards began with 22 awards; today they have 110. As we expand  we will add categories as well. 

What do I get if I win a Bammy Award or if my entry is chosen as a nominee or honoree?

Bammy Award honorees will receive the Bammy statuette (additional statuettes can be purchased if the award is presented to a group and each group member would like an individual statuette.Bammy Awards may not be purchased by non-honorees) and an icon for the honoree's web sites or publications. Official nominees will receive a badge for their web site. All nominees and honorees will be listed on the Bammy Awards web site.

Do you hold an event that we have to attend to receive our award?

A ceremony for the Bammy Awards will be held in the fall of 2012. A televised awards event is planned for year two of the Bammy Awards. Honorees do not need to attend to receive their awards.

How do you control who votes in the Educator's Voice Award?

The Educator's Voice awards are essentially a measure of public influence and popularity within the education community. Votes, ratings and reviews are collected and tabulated online. A name and valid email address are required to cast a vote. Public voting, ratings and reviews are computer tabulated in real-time and visible online. The process is  monitored by both the Bammy Awards team and the education community via reporting links on the web site. Parties may cast multiple votes and vote multiple times. Though self-nominations for the Educator's Voice Awards are accepted and encouraged, nominees are restricted from voting for themselves by the system. The system also limits the daily number of times a person can cast a vote for any nominee. Persons attempting to game the system will be blocked from accessing the web site and their nomination revoked.

Are negative comments and reviews allowed?

There are many sources available to post criticism of educators. This site is not one of them. This site is for celebrating success in education. The Bammy Awards reserves the right to reject or delete any rating or review it feels is outside of the spirit of the awards and the Bammy Awards web site. Accepting these terms is a condition of using the Bammy Award web site or participating in the Awards program.

Why are there only 31 categories?

We had to start somewhere. We plan to expand the categories as the Bammy Awards gets traction. So if you don't see a suitable subcategory now, go with the general category and watch for updates as the program evolves.

Why do you allow self-nominations? Doesn't that minimize the significance of the awards?

Part of the purpose of the Educator's Voice Awards is to help the education community discover people, programs and organizations that are achieving success but are below the community radar screen. Allowing open nominations for this award ensures that all people, programs and organizations have an opportunity to be noticed by the Academy and potentially receive the higher level Academy nomination and Bammy Award.

How can I tell if someone is self-nominated or Academy nominated?

All nominated people, programs and organizations will appear on the Bammy Awards web site and can be found using the search tools and listings. Academy nominated people, programs and organizations will have an "Academy" review with their listing. Self-nominated people, programs and organizations will have "community reviews" only. Only Academy nominated people, programs and organizations may display the Bammy Awards, offical nominee badge.

When are the awards presented?

The Educator's Voice Awards will be announced in June. The Bammy Awards will be presented in the fall of 2012.

Can I join the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences International, the Board of Governors or the Council of Peers?

Currently membership is by invitation only. Winners of the Bammy Awards will invited to become members of the Academy.

Is there a fee or any cost at all to make a nomination, be a nominee or win either of the awards?

The awards program is currently fully sponsored so there are no fees charged to make a nomination, be a nominee or win either of the awards for the 2011-2012 program.

How can I sponsor the Bammy Awards?

If you are interested in being considered as a sponsor of the Bammy Awards, contact Jeannette Bernstein via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or phone: 818-334-4322.